Top Things People Forget to Do in a Move

Feb 5, 2019Car Relocation, Home Movers, Tips

So you’ve got a moving date that’s approaching fast. Suddenly you’re flooded with lists and timelines and things you’ve just got to get done. You know you need to get organized and follow all of the steps for sticking to your moving timeline and your budget!

In the midst of all the chaos, it’s understandable that things get forgotten. We want to help you avoid any extra work during your move – so here’s the top list of things people forget when they’re moving. Take care of these in the weeks before your move and you’ll save money, time, and a lot of unnecessary stress!


  1. Cancel memberships. Save your money. Don’t wait until after you move to realize you’re still paying that monthly gym fee or for those kickboxing classes. Get familiar with any cancellation policies weeks before moving so you can use that cash on membership in your new location. Many places require a 30-day notice. Think about all your automated monthly subscriptions making a list of any kind of mail-order service you have (Amazon Prime, medications, etc.) and make sure they’re all updated on your new address, and that it’s something you want to continue in your new location.


  2. Pack hardware and odds and ends. Locks on fences? Keys? Curtain Rods? Know what’s yours to take when you’re moving and then don’t forget it when you are packing up each room. Many permanent fixtures should belong to the new owner, but you don’t want to miss something like the screws that hold your favorite full-length mirror to the wall. (Helpful hint: tape any hardware that goes with a mobile bookshelf or another wall hanging to the back in a labeled plastic bag! If it gets separated, you’ll still know what those screws or hooks belong to). Along these same lines: don’t forget to leave the garage door openers for the new owners, or you’ll be mailing them back! You won’t believe how many people drive away with those locked in the glove compartment of the car.


  3. Score free boxes. Nothing is worse than having to pay extra for packing materials you could have gotten for free. Use Facebook Marketplace, check Craigslist, and even use the NextDoor app to see if people right in your neighborhood might have some extra paper and boxes you can have for free or on the cheap. No luck? Try calling your local big box store or grocery store to see if they have any boxes you might be able to pick up. Most of these stores crush and recycle them anyway, and if you come in on the right day they’ll give them to you.


  4. Get personal records. Think about all the doctors your family may see. Anywhere you might have personal information, you may want to set up either a transfer or physically get the files themselves. Think about veterinary files for your pets, copies of prescriptions, any medical records for procedures or surgeries, and certainly school records for the kids. Don’t forget to change your address in the week before you move and register your address change with the post office so your mail is updated as well for government entities like the IRS or DMV.


  5. Plan for your actual travel day. Moves can be rushed at the very end, and there seems to be a never-ending cascade of “last minute tasks.” This day often gets overlooked because you’re so focused on getting ready for that moving truck that you forget to think about what needs to happen to actually get from point A to point B! Often, people forget to leave pack a “first night” bag for their new house with some essentials. Think about what you use on a daily basis, and consider that travel may not go as smoothly as you plan. Things like a blanket, a change of clothes, and toiletries will be helpful in case any of your travel plans get derailed. If you have multiple vehicles and not enough drivers (or if you’re going to be flying) don’t forget to book an auto transport company to ship your vehicles to your new place. Your moving company can give you a recommendation on a reputable vehicle shipping service.

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