Every move has plenty of challenges, whether it’s a cross-country move or simply moving down the street. When people are planning for a short distance move, the first thought many people have is doing it themselves. While this may seem like an effective and easy thing to do, there are many challenges that may come up along the way to derail your plans. In most cases, using local moving services is the way to go. Here are some tips to consider when you’re planning on moving a short distance.

Leave Time-Consuming Tasks to Professionals

It may seem simple to move your belongings a short distance, but it still takes time to disassemble furniture, pack different items and do other similar tasks. The great thing about packing and moving services is they can do all of it for you. Everyone is busy and has different things to worry about, even when moving a short distance. Leaving these time-consuming tasks to local moving services can free up your time to focus on more important things.

Think Before Using Your Own Resources

Many people may choose to gather a group of friends or family members to help out with a short distance move. While this is great to get everyone together, how many of those people actually have moving experience? The main goals of every move are to get the belongings to the new home timely and all in one piece. Professional home moving companies complete these tasks every day and can do them in a time-efficient manner. Using your own resources may come with some benefits, but saving time and potentially preventing damage to belongings aren’t some of them.

Weigh Your Options When Considering A Self-Move

When considering a self-move, most people can’t think of every little detail that will happen throughout the process. There will likely be multiple things come up to throw off the plans and could end up forcing you to call local moving services anyway. If time is important to you, then professional home moving services is the way to go. If ensuring your belongings arrive safely, then the best choice is a home moving company. Make a list of pros and cons before deciding to undertake a self-move and you may quickly realize there are many more things to consider than just boxing up items and transporting them down the street.

Imlach & Collins Brothers has been moving individuals, families and offices safely since 1924. No move is too short or too long for us, and since we are part of the Atlas Van Lines network, you can ensure reliability and professionalism. Hiring local moving services is important even for a short distance move, and we want to prove it to you. Be sure to contact us when you’re ready to partake in a short distance move and we can take care of the entire move for you.