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You have many storage options to keep your goods safe until you are ready to accept delivery.

Storage is usually always a need during moving. Whether it is before your move getting your home ready for sale or keeping things safe before you can move into your new home, we have options for you across the country with our Atlas network. All warehouses are secure, clean and organized.

If we are about to deliver your items but you are not ready to receive them, we can store them in secure containers in a temporary warehouse until you are ready to receive. This is called “storage in transit.” (SIT)

There is also the option for long term storage if that is what you need. We can handle daily and weekly storage as well as monthly and even longer than a year if required. Your Move Manager can get the pricing and options to you for whatever storage option you need.

We bring the technology, equipment, and know-how to make moving your cherished belongings a breeze. Over the years, thousands of families have entrusted our packers and movers to help them go new places. You can too. Start here with a free online moving quote. If you have specific questions or concerns about your storage needs, please contact us today. We’re here to help!

"I was extremely impressed by the service that Imlach gave me.  I am definitely an Imlach customer for life, and highly recommend them for your next move."

- Mary

"They are great people. If you move, you are in great hands with them."

- Anthony

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Begin Your Moving Quote.