If you’ve chosen to take everything with you to your new home, including major appliances, then there are some steps to take to prepare them. Many people prefer taking appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers and more with them, since they are familiar with how they work and don’t want to shop for others. Just be sure to tell your long distance movers upfront if you will be moving these large appliances so they can prepare accordingly, and provide you with tips on how to prepare them for the move. Here are some things to consider, based on the type of appliance moving with you.

Refrigerator and Freezer

Timing is important when moving a refrigerator and freezer. To prevent moisture from collecting inside, you need to defrost it, dry it and clean it thoroughly a couple of days in advance of your move. Any perishable items will need to be discarded, so plan out your grocery list for the last few days at the old home accordingly. If you’re hiring packing services, they will take all of the drawers and shelves out and pack them separately so they don’t slide around and get damaged in transit.


A dishwasher also needs to be free of moisture when moving, so open up the door and allow it to vent for a couple of days. Remove all water hoses and pack them up in a clearly-labeled box so you know what they go to when you arrive at the new home. This will also make it easier for your local moving services to keep all components of any appliances together.

Washer and Dryer

Before you even begin the preparation process for moving your washer and dryer, be sure to confirm the new home has the same connections. Many people get to their new home only to discover their current washer and dryer won’t work and have to get new ones. But once this is confirmed, clean and wipe them down thoroughly and disconnect all components. Put all of the hoses safely inside the washing machine so they don’t get lost. Your local moving services will know how to safely move them from that point.

Stovetop and Oven

The stovetop and oven may have the most detachable parts out of any of the large appliances in your home. Be sure to keep all of these parts together and wrapped tightly so they don’t get damaged or damage other items during the move. Disconnecting the components, especially for a gas range, can be tricky, so contact a professional if needed.

Imlach & Collins Brothers can handle moves of any size, and allows the customer to decide what items they want to take or leave behind. Many long distance movers won’t take large appliances because of the risk of damaging them. However, we have the proper equipment and expertise to move them as far as you need to. And since we are backed by the Atlas Van Lines network, you can guarantee your belongings will arrive safely. Be sure to contact us to schedule a moving quote and to get more tips like this to help make your move seamless.