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How To Pack For A Move

Every day is moving day for us. As your family gets ready to go new places®, we are  ready with the know-how and tools to move you safely and easily. Our packers and movers bring best practices to ensure your belongings travel safely as well. Follow these tips and techniques to reduce the costs from breakage that can occur during transit.

Six Tips To Get Started

1. Gather your Supplies. Select an area large enough to handle your biggest boxes (Where can you get boxes for moving? Your Move Manager can provide them!). A strong table with a protective cover offers a good work surface. (We don’t recommend using your good dining room table.) Have your markers, tape and scissors nearby. Spread a generous amount of neatly stacked packing paper flat on your table.

2. Pack Room by Room. Pack a couple of boxes a day, starting well ahead of the move. Pack one room at a time; this will make it easier to stay organized.

3. Label Everything. Mark all boxes with room and a box number. Record these in a box identification log that shows the number of boxes packed per room and the total number of boxes packed. (One of our team members will provide an official inventory during the loading process).

4. Fill Boxes Safely. Use plenty of filling material in boxes; when in doubt, use more. Improper packing is the most common cause of breakage and damage during moving.

5. Check Box Bottoms. Make sure bottoms of boxes are secured and will hold the weight of the contents.

6. Keep it under 50 lbs. Pack heavier items toward the bottom of the box and lighter items toward the top. Do not exceed 50 pounds per box; it makes moving them a lot easier. Remember: the heavier the item, the smaller the box you should use.

The Most Important Thing You Should Know About Packing

Simply stated – there are things you can pack, there are items the pros should pack, and there are things the pros cannot pack for you. Plus, there are perishable and hazardous items that should not be moved.

Use the same professional grade materials Imlach does. Call an agent to get your materials.

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