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Mansfield is a suburban area located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Its population is over 64,200. Individuals moving to Mansfield TX will find an affluent community with a strong sense of history and a close-knit spirit. Mansfield was ranked #17 on CNN/Money Magazine’s list of “Best Places to Live” in 2014. It was also named to that list in 2012, 2009, and 2007. Mansfield covers an area of 36.5 miles. It is the 15th most affluent town in Texas, and it’s ranked #4 on the list of Best Cities to Relocate to in America.

Mansfield History

Mansfield’s history dates back to European settlers who arrived in the area during the 1840s. In 1849, Fort Worth was established by the United States Army to protect settlers from the indigenous Native Americans. That protection encouraged more settlers, including the Gibson brothers from Illinois, who formed the first semblance of a settlement in Mansfield. However, the city developed its name from settlers R.S. Man and Julian Field, who constructed a grist mill upon their arrival in 1856. A community emerged around the grist mill, marking the start of modern Mansfield. The city was incorporated in 1909.

Mansfield Hospitals

Mansfield residents are served by 64 local hospitals. Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, which is located in Mansfield, receives about 50,455 emergency room visitors each year. The hospital admits about 10,000 patients annually. The Kindred Hospital, also in Mansfield, is a transitional facility designed for people with critical and chronic illnesses. Baylor Emergency Medical Center and Cook Children’s Urgent Care and Pediatric Specialties are also nearby.

Mansfield Weather

The average temperature in Mansfield is 73°F. On average, the warmest month is August, which has an average high of 95°F. The coolest month is January, where the average high reaches 56°F. The city receives about 25.94 inches of rainfall each year. Mansfield scores 66 out of 100 on Sperling’s comfort index, which is higher than the national average. Mansfield has around 229 sunny days per year.

Mansfield Real Estate

The average price for a home in Mansfield is $259,100. Home values in this city have increased by 6.7 percent since 2016. Values are expected to rise another 4.9 percent through the next year. The listing price per SF is about $114 in Mansfield, which falls below the median price of $131 per SF in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. If you’re planning to take up residence here, a knowledgeable Mansfield mover can help you move into your home or apartment.

Mansfield Transportation

For air travelers in Mansfield, the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is the closest option. Love Field in Dallas also supports commercial flights, and Spinks Airport is the closest private jet facility. There are also two Amtrak train stations within 30 minutes of the town’s center. Mansfield is located south of I-20, and it’s just off of US 287 South. Buses are available for residents in nearby Arlington.

Mansfield Hotels

If you need a place to stay in Mansfield, you’ll have a variety of accommodations to choose from. Mansfield has an assortment of two-five star hotels to meet every lifestyle and budget. Look for modern hotels, casual lodging, budget hotels, and more.

Cost of Living in Mansfield

The cost of living in Mansfield is about 8.5 percent higher than the national average. Housing, healthcare, and utilities are the most expensive components in the city’s cost of living. The median home price is $182,700. The average mortgage payment for Mansfield homeowners is $895, which is lower than the national average of $1,061. It costs about $1,162 per month to rent an apartment in Mansfield. Regardless of whether you’re buying a home here or moving into an apartment, a Mansfield moving company can help you make it to your new destination safely.

Mansfield Restaurants

As with any Texas city, you’ll find plenty of barbecues and steakhouses in Mansfield. Mexican food and taco shops are common, and you can also find places to get pizza and pasta. Fast food restaurants are part of the Mansfield restaurant scene, as are sports bars and grills. Cajun and seafood restaurants are also on Mansfield’s list of places to eat.

Mansfield Schools

Mansfield’s primary educational operation is the Mansfield Independent School District (MISD), which is a K-12 public education facility. It’s among the fastest-growing districts in Texas. The district contains over 30 schools and facilities, including six high schools and the Ben Barber Tech Academy. The district also contains a performing arts center.

Things to Do in Mansfield

When in Mansfield, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities to get outside and play. Your Mansfield guide has information about the city’s parks and recreational grounds, which includes over 900 acres of parkland and over 100 athletic fields. Festivals and events are held downtown throughout the year. The Farr Best Theater, located downtown, hosts concerts and live performances. For a bit of history, check out the Mansfield Historical Museum.

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