When you’ve finally said your last goodbye to your packing services and are ready to unpack your belongings at your new home, it’s easy to just sit there and not know where to begin. In fact, some people will completely avoid opening the first box because they don’t know if it’s what they should be doing right away. The good news is you typically won’t be under as much of a time crunch when unpacking as opposed to when you were packing up to move in the first place.

Making a checklist of things to do can help you prioritize and slowly check off items. Of course, it may be difficult to think of everything in one sit-down, but at least you can have a place to start and can adjust your priorities along the way. There are a lot of things to think about once the home moving companies leave your home, but we are here to help make the transition smoother.

Take The Time To Set A Plan

You may have created a checklist of things to do prior to moving, so consider doing the same once you arrive at your new home. This could include which boxes to unpack first, setting goals of what you want to accomplish every day and more. Creating this plan is one of the most recommended tips by state to state movers, since it can provide a significant amount of relief. Just having the mindset of knowing what you want to do and need to do will help you move forward.

Unpack Essential Items First

One of the first things packing services suggest doing is unpacking essential items first. Things like bathroom toiletries, bedroom items and clothing should be the first boxes opened since you’ll need them first. Your packing services should have labeled these clearly for you so they are easily identifiable. Once you have the items you use on a daily basis unpacked, you can slowly start moving to the kitchen and other rooms depending on your priority checklist.

Take Care Of Utilities

You likely already set up your utilities by the time you move in, but this is a good opportunity to verify everything. Make sure all deposits are paid, payment plans are set up and more. Some homes may only use electricity and not gas, while others use both. And when it comes to television and Internet, it’s best to contact those companies earlier rather than later to ensure you have what you need.

Change Your Mailing Address

The United States Postal Service website allows you to change your mailing address online, and forward any mail to the new address that gets sent to the old address. It can take a few days for the change to come into effect, so it’s best to get this task taken care of as soon as possible. While your important utility bills and other items should be coming to your new home since you already set them up that way, you don’t want to miss out on your favorite items you get in the mail regularly. Be sure to inform any magazine companies, retail stores and any other places of your address change so you will continue receiving the mail you expect.

Your Pets Need To Adjust Too

Another tip home moving companies have is to remember your pets have to make an adjustment too. Just like you may feel lost as to what you should be doing at your new home, your pets will too. They don’t know if they are only visiting or if they need to start finding themselves a comfortable place. Allowing them to explore outside and inside will help them become comfortable and they will slowly start settling in. Giving them familiar toys, treats and food and water will help them as well.

Find Local Medical Facilities

If you’ve moved to another city or state, your state to state movers may be able to help you locate the medical facilities closest to you. Accidents can happen at any time, especially when you are unpacking things for your new home, so knowing what to do if one happens will give you peace of mind. You can find a primary care physician over time, but at least knowing where the nearest urgent care facility is will help you be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Explore Your Home And City

Finally, all home moving companies encourage people to explore their new home, neighborhood and city. It’s easy to get caught up in everything you have to do and stress out, so take the time to think about fun things as well. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, envision how you want to set up things in the house, see what parks are nearby and more.

Your neighbors can help you adjust as well by giving you information about the neighborhood, nearby restaurants, school districts and more. Don’t feel like you have to learn everything on your own, so take advantage of having new friendly neighbors to help you out. The more comfortable you are with your surroundings, the easier it will be to feel comfortable in your home.

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