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Moving to a new city is both exciting and challenging! Exciting because there’s so much to explore and learn, but challenging because you need to do some serious planning. Just as you don’t jump into a pool without testing the waters, when deciding to shift to a new city, it’s important to think ahead.

Keller is a residential city in Dallas, Texas. According to a recent census, Keller’s population is approximately 45,000, making it the 74th most inhabited city in Texas. The US Census Bureau shows that the town sits on a total area of 18.4 square miles. Location wise, Keller is to the east of Interstate, south of Highway 114 and Alliance Gate Freeway. If you have recently moved, or are moving to Keller TX, this simplified Keller guide will help you familiarize yourself with the city’s quality of life and amenities.

Keller City History

Keller City dates back to the early 1850’s when a decision was made to expand Texas Railroad towards the north. The city’s name came in honor of John Keller who was then a railroad foreman. The first settlers were attracted to Keller because it was near the Trinity River for water supply, game, and abundant land for farming. The city was incorporated in 1955. Today, the city is expanding with residential developments in all directions and growing towards a brighter future.

Keller Weather

The climate classification system categorizes Keller city as a hot subtropical area characterized by hot tropical summers as well as occasional cool winters.

Keller City Hospitals

There are over 70 Hospitals in Keller and the surrounding areas providing residents with high-quality health care with services including general medicine, emergency department, surgical, lithotripsy, nutritional diet programs, occupational health, outpatient, physical rehab, outpatient surgery, orthopedics, gastroenterology, and more.

Keller Schools

Keller Independent School District (ISD) is the primary school district within the town and serves nine areas in the city with campuses, high schools, intermediate schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. The zone comprises of 39 colleges serving over 35,000 students. Students in Keller ISD attend any of the 34 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, and five different high schools. About 20 of Keller City schools are highly by the Texas Education Agency. Also, there exists about 20 universities within a 70-mile radius of the city including University of North Texas, Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University, University of Texas Arlington, and the University of Texas in Dallas.

Keller Real Estate

Keller city has numerous modern real estate developments and listings including residential homes, rentals, farmland, commercial, and open houses. Whatever your choice, Keller has got all kinds of properties and homes to choose from.

Transportation in Keller

When you need to get out and about in Keller, you can use the affordable public transport buses, a taxi service, and the rail system which move within the city and surrounding areas. A large percentage use their cars. The city has modernized biking trails for bike fans. If you want a fast means of transportation, you can consider cheap round-trip flights. If you are shifting, you can call a Keller moving company, or when moving stuff, you can go for a Keller mover.

Keller Hotels and Restaurants

Keller is home to a mix of high-class and moderate hotels and restaurants as well as motels. It is always your choice to make with the many cheap, reasonably and expensive hotel choices. There are many options to pick from with high tech eateries if you have moved or are planning to visit Keller TX. The hotel and restaurant experience in Keller city is unforgettable.

Things to Do in Keller

There’s a lot you can do in Keller. Whether you are moving to the city to work or are planning a visit, there exist a lot you can do and see – the city offers a lot of fun-filled activities. Keller City has all-encompassing niceties including parks, nature hike trails, and meandering bike trails. If you are into sports, the city offers in-line soccer, hockey, volleyball, baseball, and basketball fields. If you are a book lover, you could visit the public library. You can as well visit modernized spas, attend fun games, or decide to go for a unique shopping experience in the malls, or better yet, go out for a nice family dinner for a quality bonding time.

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