Important Things to Remember During a Long Distance Move

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Moving homes is complicated enough, but when you’re moving long distance, things tend to get even more complicated. Your usual help from family and friends may not be available for your lengthy move, so utilizing long distance moving companies is a must. But you can also take some proactive steps before, during and after the moving process to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Make Your List of Things To Do

When you know you’ll be moving in the near future, don’t delay in making your list of things to do. Have a running list on either a piece of paper or a note-taking app and add to it every time you think of something. It’s impossible to remember every little detail, so having a central place for your to-do list can help you organize things better. Your list could be things like cancelling services at your old home, setting up services at your new home, scheduling appointments, calling packing services and more.

Plan Out Travel Routes and Lodging

You need to be comfortable with the logistics of your move as much as possible. You probably will have most of your belongings with your state to state movers, but you may also have to go on your own for various reasons. Know what route you’re going to take, as well as any potential detours and where you’re going to stay if you aren’t driving straight through. Schedule your time for bathroom breaks, gas fill-ups, rest stations, meals and other milestones so everyone in your family is on the same page.

Use Resources To Your Advantage

Some people like to get ahead of their state to state movers, while others like to take their time and let the movers start unloading before they arrive. Either way you prefer, always use the resources available to you to your advantage. Packing services can take away a lot of stress so you can get a head start on your move. Making a long distance move is the perfect time to exhaust all resources possible to make your life easier during this time.

Imlach & Collins Brothers have helped individuals and families move long distance for more than 90 years. And with our association with the Atlas Van Lines network, you can trust us to get the job done safely and efficiently for you. If you are looking for long distance moving companies to move your family, don’t hesitate to contact us to set up an initial consultation.


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