When packing up your belongings before moving homes, you will likely prioritize items by importance. Electronics should be at the top of the list for many reasons. Knowing how to properly pack and move electronics can make your move much easier, and you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a damaged device when you arrive at your new home. The best packing and moving services will ensure boxes containing electronics are moved with the most care possible to prevent damage from occurring. Here are some valuable tips to consider when packing your electronics.

Backup Your Files

The first thing to do before you even unplug your computer is to backup your files. Even if you have the computer packaged securely, bumps in the road could create some complications you don’t want to deal with. Important financial documents, photos and other files may be irreplaceable, so backing them up on an external storage device is a wise decision.

Label Cords and Cables

Regarding the actual packing process, many moving and storage companies suggest labeling cords and cables in a way to help you identify which device they belong to. Separating the devices out into their own boxes will help as well, but the key is making it as easy as possible for you to match them up when you arrive at your new home. You should also remove printer ink cartridges, batteries and other components prior to moving them. Just be sure to label them accordingly so you can assemble them back correctly later on.

Use Quality Packaging and Packing Materials

The best thing to do is rely on your home moving service to provide you with the best quality packaging and packing materials to move your electronics. Reputable packing and moving services will use the strongest and most secure materials, so relying on their expertise will help protect your valuable electronics. When it comes to electronic devices, you can never be too safe.

Create Clear Labels for Movers

Once you have your electronics securely packed, be sure to mark each box clearly with a “fragile” label. If the mover can easily identify a fragile box, they can load it in the truck in the safest place possible to prevent an accident from occurring. Fragile items will likely be loaded close together, so ensuring the labels are easy to see is important.

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