Logistically speaking, it can seem like a complicated process to ship your car overseas. However, when you work with the best international moving services, the process is made simple and you will only have to do a small amount of work. In fact, the most work you’ll have to do is prior to the car even being shipped. Knowing how the process works, the time frame you can expect your car to arrive and how to retrieve your car when it arrives are all important steps to consider prior to shipping your car overseas. Here are some valuable tips to think about when you need to ship your car internationally.

Select A Shipping Method

Two main factors go into deciding which shipping method to use: cost and time. Shipping your car by airplane is the most costly, but your car will arrive more quickly. Shipping your car by boat is most cost-effective, but it will also take a little longer for it to arrive. The choice is ultimately yours, and your international movers can give you a detailed guide about the pros and cons of each method. Both the time and cost considerations have to do with where your car is being shipped and the shipping method you choose.

Traits of The Best Car Shipping Companies

If you’re going to trust international moving services with shipping something as valuable as your car overseas, you need to do your research on the best companies. Start online and read as many reviews as you can. Some of the best traits include transparency, reliability, timeliness and providing people with all the information they need to understand the process from start to finish. In many instances, finding the best international moving services that offer overseas car shipping is the most work you’ll have to do. Once you are comfortable with a particular company, you can rely on them to give you all the details and trust them to handle your car with care and deliver it in accordance with the expectations set forth.

Other Considerations For Shipping Your Car Overseas

As with any items you trust with international movers, you need to thoroughly inspect your car prior to it being shipped. Take photos and write detailed notes about your car’s condition, and the moving company should do the same. This will help provide proof to your insurance company if the car gets damaged during transport and make the claims process easier.

From a logistics standpoint, you’ll need to plan out your location in relation to what port your car will land at. Every destination is different and will have to go through different customs checkpoints, which can delay the time of arrival. Being aware of every little detail and planning out the shipment thoroughly with your international movers will create the best experience possible.

Imlach Collins & Brothers takes pride in being one of the top moving and storage companies internationally. We understand shipping your car overseas can create some stress due to unknown circumstances, so we will take the time to discuss the process with you to increase your comfort level. To learn more about international shipping in general, contact us today.