Whether it’s your wine glasses or a valuable antique, protecting your fragile items during a move will make it a successful experience. When packing these items yourself, you can’t rush the process and you have to use the right packing equipment in order to protect them. The packing and moving services you use may be your best resource for finding the appropriate supplies, or you could simply allow them to handle all the packing themselves. Regardless of which option you choose, the ultimate goal is to have these breakable items arrive to your new home in one piece. Here are some tips for making this happen.

Invest In The Proper Packing Supplies

Sturdy boxes, quality packing tape, plenty of bubble wrap and packing paper are the essential supplies needed for packing. The best local moving companies will use the highest quality supplies to ensure nothing gets damaged in the transition. Many people make the mistake of just wrapping breakable items in blankets, towels or anything else they have at their home. This may be effective for some items, but it’s not worth the risk for your most valuable items.

Don’t Rush The Process

Dedicate some time to packing your valuable fragile items. Start the process several days or weeks before the long distance movers are expected to arrive, so you have time to make adjustments if needed. Ensuring every part of the breakable item is covered and protected will give it a better chance of making the trip in one piece. Rushing the process leaves room for error, and it doesn’t take much for these items to get damaged, even when you use the best local moving companies.

When in Doubt, Rely on Professionals

Professional packing and moving services have seen even the most oddly-shaped items get moved successfully. Glass plates require a different method of packing compared to large antiques with various shapes and dimensions. Often times a combination of bubble wrap, plastic wrap and moving blankets is the best way to handle certain items, and it’s not something the average person would think about if they’ve never had to move it before. So if you ever have any doubt about how safely you’ve packed a fragile item, don’t hesitate to get some advice from your long distance movers.

Imlach & Collins Brothers is known as one of the best packing and moving companies nationwide for many reasons. We’ve helped thousands of individuals and families move throughout the years, so there’s nothing we haven’t seen. Our objective is to make your move a seamless and stress-free transition, while ensuring all of your belongings arrive safely and in the same condition as they were in your old home. To schedule a moving quote or to learn more about our moving services, contact us at any time.