If you’re considering a move, there are many different considerations to think about. Aside from how you’re going to pack everything and get to your new home, you need to think about the differences between interstate and intrastate moving. Jobs, family or other reasons could force you to move across state lines, which present more potential complications than moving within state lines. This is when using the experience of interstate movers can ensure the move goes smoothly with no headaches. Here are the things to consider regarding interstate and intrastate moving.

What is Interstate Moving?

Interstate moving is a bit more complicated than simply packing up your items and moving. It is defined as moving items across the border of the state you currently reside in. Every state has specific regulations regarding items being brought to their state. The best nationwide movers have the special permits required and know all of the regulations to ensure the move is seamless. Even if the move requires taking items across the border and through the state, the rules and regulations for the particular state must be followed even if the items only cross the border in transport.

What is Intrastate Moving?

When you use long distance moving services for moves within the same state, there are much fewer complications. Intrastate moving simply means you are moving to another location within the same state. Local movers will likely understand and follow all of the regulations within the state, but it’s also important for the person moving to know which regulations need to be followed as well. The challenges of moving can be complicated enough, so don’t complicate the matter even further by using long distance moving services that don’t have a positive reputation.

Nationwide Movers Make The Difference

Using nationwide movers is generally the best choice for anyone moving interstate or intrastate. Interstate movers are required to know all of the rules and regulations for every type of move, so using these services can give you peace of mind when moving. The worst thing that could happen during a move is running into some issues causing it to become more costly than expected, or even how to handle claims if any damage occurs. The best nationwide movers will go over all of the logistics with you so you can make an informed choice and protect yourself as much as possible.

Imlach Collins & Brothers has provided moving services since 1924, and we’ve successfully completed every type of move imaginable. We understand many people don’t know the difference in logistics between an interstate move and an intrastate move. Our policy is to educate anyone moving about the logistics so there are no surprises. When you’re ready to make a move either down the street or across the country, contact us to learn more about how we can make your move seamless.