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Moving to Haslet TX?

There is more to moving to Haslet TX than just contacting a Haslet moving company. Once you have a Haslet mover, check out this Haslet guide to find out some basic information about the city you will be relocating to. Haslet is a small city with a population of around 1,700 residents. The total area of the town is around 8.2 sq. mi. with less than 0.2 sq. mi. of the area being water.

Haslet is part of the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. It is located 15 mi. north of Fort Worth, TX. The city is an excellent place to live for those seeking a safe, small-town setting. Haslet has an extremely low crime rate and an excellent school system. The city has a full-time, dedicated fire department as well.

Haslet History

Haslet was first settled in 1880. The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway was extended through the town three years later, leading to more growth and a solid community. The first official post office opened in 1887. By 1896, there was one school in the town with only a single teacher. The classroom consisted of a mere 20 students. The city has had slow but steady growth ever since. By the 1990s it had become a commuter community for the city of Fort Worth. It remains a quaint and cozy place to live, even for those who work in nearby larger cities.

Haslet Weather

The weather in Haslet consists of hot and humid summers with mild winters. The highest rate of precipitation falls from April to June. Haslet gets an average of 32.61″ of rain per year. The record high temperature is 112°F with a record low of -4/7°F.

Haslet Transportation

Haslet enjoys low to moderate traffic levels. The average commute time is 19 minutes, which is below the national average. Being a smaller town means that there aren’t a ton of public-transportation options.

Cost of Living in Haslet

The cost of living in Haslet is above the national average. The overall cost comes in at around 25% higher than the average for the rest of the United States.

Haslet Schools

Haslet schools have low student numbers with a low student-to-teacher ratio. This means more time per student with teachers who aren’t over-taxed. The school spends approximately $12,984 per student each year. This is above the national average of around $12,383 per student.

Haslet Hospitals

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance has a facility located within the city of Haslet. The hospital has an emergency room that treats most of emergency-medical needs of the city. This location usually has minimal or no wait times. The hospital also serves as a general-needs medical facility. They have state-of-the-art imaging equipment. A number of other hospitals and facilities are located in nearby Fort Worth.

Haslet Real Estate

The number of houses, apartments and rental properties is somewhat limited in Haslet. This is just par for the course in a small town of this size. The median cost of a house is around $327,300. Appreciation after the last 10 years is at 21.29%.

Haslet Hotels

There aren’t a lot of hotel or even motel options within the Haslet city limits. You can find plenty of lodgings next door in Fort Worth, Texas. There are several 3-star hotels including the Hampton Inn and Suites, Residence Inn by Marriott and Hilton Garden Inn.

Haslet Restaurants

In addition to your usual fast-food haunts, Haslet has several locally owned and operated eateries with that small-town charm. Some notable locations include Big Joe’s Pizza and Pasta, Texan Diner, Beacon Cafe and Mai Tai Asian cuisine.

Things to do in Haslet

The Haslet Sports Association has organized numerous sports leagues and events. Holidays such as the 4th of July and Christmas are celebrated in Haslet with all of the small-town charm you could wish for. On the 4th you can enjoy fireworks shows and a parade. Christmas has a tree-lighting festival. You can take a haunted hayride during the Halloween season. Haslet can be a great place to do some shopping. There is also a library within the city limits. Nearby Fort Worth offers a more robust nightlife, movie theaters, and motorsports racetrack.

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