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Dallas, TX is famous for being the ninth biggest city in the United States of America. It lies in the 4th largest metropolitan area in the US. A population of close to 1.4 million individuals calls Dallas home. This population continues to escalate daily following a massive number of immigrants moving to Dallas TX, creating a niche for Dallas moving companies. Dallas enjoys ethnic diversity with the majority of the community being European immigrants.

Dallas History

Dallas city formation can be traced back in 1841 where John Neely Bryan, a lawyer by profession and also a trader from Tennessee, camped at an area on a riverbank in Dallas. Other settlers joined him later on and built settlements around this area laying the foundation of the Dallas city in 1844.

Some years later, Swiss and German immigrants joined the already formed community. African Americans who were now free after the termination of the civil war, were also incorporated by this growing population. Development of the rail in the 1870s heightened the growth of this area which had now settled in the production of grains, cotton, and leather. The insurance industry and oil mining were discovered after several years giving a considerable boost to the early economy of the region.

Dallas spectacular growth happened during the World War 2. War aircraft manufacturing plants were built in Dallas giving rise to a steady cash flow in the region. The 1980s saw the oil mining substituting most of the early economic drivers.

Job market in Dallas

For a job seeker, Dallas is the savior city for well-paying jobs in contrast to New York and California cities. The major sectors attributing to this job rise is the hospitality industry, leisure, government and the health sector. Per capita income in Dallas is higher than most cities in the United States, making its residents among the happiest people in the US.

Public Transportation in Dallas

Public transportation is reliable and cheap in Dallas city. The DART System is the dominant provider of navigation services around Dallas city. DART offers a 72-mile stretch light rail transport services and a total of 120 routes by bus. In addition to this, The DART company provides streetcar services for movement around the city.

The M-Line streetcars charge no cost for passengers ferrying from Downtown Dallas to Uptown Dallas.

Cost of living in Dallas

Living in Dallas is quite cheap in all aspects of living. Comparing with the US average cost of living, Dallas is way much cheaper. Food is in plentiful supply, and transport is available and affordable, entertainment and personal care are accessible to the ordinary citizen and Dallas movers.

Schooling at Texas

Dallas schools pay their allegiance to the Dallas independent school district education authorities. The schools in this district total to over 230 schools. This school district is 16th largest school district in the US and 2nd largest in Texas. The schools are well distributed and affordable to those moving to Dallas, TX. It is always prudent asking either the Dallas moving company you hired or the education authorities of Dallas the best schools around to give you a rough idea of the best schools.

Shopping in Dallas

Shopping in Dallas is unique and impossible to compare with other cities. Shopping centers are highly concentrated in the city. A Dallas guide detailing shopping centers in the city is available on the internet.

Real estate in Dallas

Real estate business is experiencing a boom period in Dallas. It is in fact rated sixth best in the entire country. Information containing the best real estate agents in Dallas is obtainable from the Dallas moving company of your choice or the internet. The boom is attributed to the rising population in this region. Dallas mover company are the best to consult with the best real estate agents because they are knowledgeable about the real estate agents in Dallas.

Activities to undertake while in Dallas

A Dallas guide brochure can be obtained to view at a glance the fantastic places one can visit for holiday and leisure. Dallas has several tour consulting companies who can make your trip much resourceful. As a mover to Dallas, questioning the Dallas moving companies you hire will enrich your knowledge about places you can visit while in Dallas.

Hospitality services in Dallas

Dallas restaurants and hotels are among the most elegant and affordable in the US. Your nights at Dallas can be spent in world class 4-star, or 5-star hotels only compared to those in Dubai.

Health services in Dallas

Dallas healthcare facilities are among the best in the country. Top rated hospitals in Dallas are the UT Southwestern Medical Center and the Baylor University Medical Center. These clinics provide adult-related specialties. As a Dallas mover, citing the nearest health facility with reliable health services is essential. Accidents tend to happen during odd times and a rash to a specialist doctor can save a life.

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