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Moving to Colleyville TX? As a Colleyville Mover, we put together this Colleyville Guide to help you discover more about this city. Located about 20 miles away from Fort Worth—as well as less than four miles away from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport—Colleyville is one of the most affluent suburban areas of what is known as the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (DFW). The city is in the northeastern section of Tarrant County. According to the U.S. Census, the population was numbered at 22,807, and it has an average annual household income of $199,168.

Colleyville History

Colleyville has its beginnings as one of several small, rural settlements along the Cotton Belt Route starting from the 1850s. Initially, what would be known as Colleyville was known as Bransford, which was named after the general store and post office of Felix G. Bransford. However, that was bound to change with the 1880 arrival of Lilburn Howard Colley, who was a physician and Union Army veteran. Within the next few decades, Colley became one of the most beloved physicians in northeast Tarrant County for his leadership and active practice. So, when a man by the name of Walter G. Couch opened a grocery store near Colley’s home, and a community formed around it, the entire area was named “Colleyville” in the doctor’s honor. Colleyville was incorporated on January 10, 1956. For the rest of the 20th century, it blossomed from a small, rural town to a prosperous residential area.

Colleyville Weather

The average daily temperature in Colleyville ranges from 33 degrees in January to 96 degrees in July. The area receives 39 inches of rain per year, with 230 sunny days per year on average. Colleyville’s comfort index, which is based on humidity during the hotter period of the year, is measured at 25, which is below the U.S. average of 44; the ideal is 100.

Colleyville Transportation

Colleyville is primarily a commuter city. Virtually all its residents use their cars to get to work or other places of interest or activity. Average commuting time, according to Area Vibes, is measured at 26 minutes, which matches the national average, but is a little higher than the state average (25 minutes).

Cost of Living in Colleyville

The cost of living in Colleyville is higher than the national average. According to Bestplaces.net, it is about 56 percent more expensive to live in Colleyville. The biggest factor for the cost of living in Colleyville is the housing; as one of the more affluent cities in Texas, real estate prices in Colleyville are among the highest in the state.

Colleyville Schools

Most of Colleyville’s primary and secondary schools fall under the umbrella of the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District. Thus, Colleyville residents share schools with Grapevine, which borders it to the east. However, the northwesternmost part of Colleyville falls inside the Keller Independent School District, which is shared with Keller to the west. Also, pockets of Colleyville are served by Birdville Independent School District, Caroll Independent School District, and Euless-Bedford Independent School District. There’s also the option of a private religious school—with the existence of the Colleyville Covenant Christian Academy.

Colleyville Hospitals

As part of the Metroplex, Colleyville is within 30 miles of 90 hospitals. Although many of them are outside city limits, there’s the Baylor Emergency Medical Center and Colleyville Medical Clinic—both of which are within the area.

Colleyville Real Estate

About 69 percent of Colleyville houses were built within the last three decades of the 20th century, while just a little over 25 percent were built after 2000. Worthy of note is that Colleyville real estate is among the most expensive in Texas. The median house price in the city is around $463,000. If you are moving to Colleyville, be sure to use a top rated moving company.

Colleyville Hotels

There are several hotels and inns within the vicinity of Colleyville. Some of the most prominent ones include Hampton Inn & Suites, Hyatt Place Hurst, TownePlace Suites, and Hilton Dallas/Southlake Town Square.

Colleyville Restaurants

The restaurants in Colleyville range from Tex-Mex to standard American fare. Fine dining is provided by places such as Winewood Grill, Bob’s Steak and Chophouse, Truluck’s. For casual eating, there’s Mia Dia from Scratch, Oldwest Café, and Meat U Anywhere, among others.

Things to Do In Colleyville

Colleyville is home to several parks for recreation or mere relaxation. Chief among them is McPherson Park, which occupies land that used to harbor one of the major dairy farms in the city. Today, McPherson Park is home to a playground, a hiking and biking trail, a tree farm, demonstration gardens, a wildflower area, and open play areas. There’s also the Pleasant Run Soccer Complex and Park for playing soccer games, Reagan Park for softball and baseball, and Bransford Park, which contains the Webb House (built in 1914 in the original community of Bransford).

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