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Carrollton, Texas is a city that is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. It is the third most populous city in Texas and has about 125,000 residents. The place has a wide array of tourist attractions, higher learning institutions, and a high potential job market. Approximately 81 percent of the residents of the city are below 55 years old, and the median age is 37 years old. Many individuals consider moving to Carrollton Tx because of its safe neighborhoods, sufficient parks, schools, and the quality of life that it offers. Relocate America once listed Carrolton as one of the United States’ “Top 100 Places to Live.” The city is located close of Dallas and also has a fair cost of living. More than 9,000 businesses are currently based in Carrollton, and they include wholesalers, manufacturers, construction, finance, real estate, and insurance.

History of Carrollton

Carrollton was started in 1842 as an agricultural community. The area had a population of 150 by 1885 and also has two churches, a school, cotton gins, and cotton gins. Carrollton’s development accelerated in 1888 after the Cotton Belt rail line passed by Katy rail line. This made the town to become shipping place for cotton, livestock, cottonseed, and grain. In 1913, Carrollton was incorporated to become a city, and its gravel industry started developing in the same year. The region had become famous for the production of gravel, grain, and bricks by the early 1940s. In the 1980s, sectors such as light manufacturing, distribution of auto-parts, electronics manufacturing, and packaging of processed foods.

The weather of Carrollton

The city has an average of about 230 sunny days per annum. July is the hottest month with a high of about 96 degrees Celsius, and January has a low of approximately 32 degrees. Carrollton’s annual rainfall is approximated to be about 37 inches, which is equal to the county’s average despite facing drought most of the days. The area experiences precipitation for about 68 days, and there is little snow during winter.

Transport in Carrollton

Residents of the city can travel by using Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), which established three stations in the area in 2010. Carrollton is also connected with Lewisville and Denton by the Denton County Transportation Authority. People can fly to other parts of the country from Addison Airport, which is close to the city. Carrollton is also near the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport that has airplanes that fly to about 173 destinations.

Living Cost in Carrollton

Living in Carrollton, Texas is not expensive. The average cost of commodities and housing in the area is equivalent to the United States’ average. This has made it be ranked as one of the best places to live in the country. People willing to relocate can also get a Carrollton mover at a relatively low price.

Learning Institutions in Carrollton

The city has four independent schools. Most of the residents of Carrollton attend learning institutions that are within the Lewisville Independent School District and Farmers Branch Independent School District. The area currently has about 24,000 students whereby about 36 percent are in high school, 19 percent in middle class, and 45 percent in elementary schools. A couple of private schools are also based in the Carrollton.

Hospitals in Carrollton

Several hospitals and medical instructions have been established Carrollton and the services that they offer range from general to specialized care. The facilities in the region serve both residents and visitors.

The Real Estate Sector in Carrollton

The median cost of a house in Carrollton is estimated to be about $180,382. The city has approximately 43,299 housing units, and they are among the most expensive in Texas. The cost of a home in the area is slightly above the national average. The city’s real estate industry has been growing faster compared to other communities that are located near Dallas-Fort Worth. It is easy to get a Carrollton moving company for people who wish to relocate to the area.

The Hotel Industry in Carrollton

Carrollton has five major hotels. People can also access hotels in neighboring cities such as Addison, Lewisville, and Grapevine. The Galleria Mall is located near the city center, and there are thousands of hotel rooms close to it. The DoubleTree, which is owned by Hilton Hotel, neighbors the Brookhaven Country Club and Galleria Mall. Individuals who wish to experience contemporary classiness can visit The One, which is a boutique hotel that has a stylish décor and is located in a convenient place. Another major hotel in the area is the Garden Manor Inn. One can access a Carrollton guide to learn more about hotels in the city.

Restaurants in Carrollton

The Texas-based city is home to more than 250 restaurants that offer local food. An example is the Babe’s Chicken Dinner House, which is renowned for providing delicious chicken. Other cafeterias in the area include Twisted Root Burger Company, Sid’s Rainbow Grill, Agave Azul Mexican Kitchen, and Amici’s Signature Italian.

Carrollton’s fun Activities.

Residents of Carrollton, Texas have a wide array of fun activities that they can enjoy. People can spend their free time by visiting the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, the Sandy Lake Amusement Park, and the Legoland Discovery Center. The city also has the Indian Creek Golf Club, which has two 18-hole golf courses.

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