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At Imlach & Collins Brothers, we are the commercial moving company Richardson that you can trust to assist you with all aspects of your professional relocation in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. There are many Richardson commercial movers in the local area that you could reach out to when you need to move your retail shop, office or other professional venue to a new location, but we are the reliable movers that will not let you down. With a closer look at the many moving services we offer, you will see why we are the company you want to contact to set up an appointment for your moving day with.

Our Services

As your preferred commercial moving company Richardson, we offer all of the service and support you need to make light work of your relocation project. The mere thought of loading everything in your office or retail shop up into a truck and moving it to a new location can seem daunting and even overwhelming. This may be compounded by the fact that you need to complete the move within a very short period of time to minimize downtime to your operations. As your trusted Richardson commercial movers, we can help you to pack and unpack boxes, and we can quickly and easily load the truck, transport your belongings and unload the truck. We can generally complete process in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do the work on your own. In addition, we use quality equipment and proven techniques to keep your belongings safe from harm while we move them to their new location.

Exceptional Customer Service

Imlach & Collins Brothers may be the commercial moving company Richardson to rely on for assistance with all aspects of your move, but this is not all that you can expect from us. We strive to keep our rates affordable, and our friendly team is always focused on providing exceptional customer service to our valued clients. With our Richardson commercial movers on the job, you can expect to relocate your business to a new location with minimal stress or hassle.

Professional commercial moving services are in high demand in the Richardson area. You want to ensure that you have full access to our moving services on your big day, so take steps now to make your reservation. You can easily contact our office directly to request more information about our services, or you can complete the online service request form for further assistance.

Planning An Office Move

There is plenty to do before the moving trucks arrive. Preparation is key to your successful move. We plan on paper before we move anything. This saves on costs and creates a pro-active work plan. Every commercial moving project we service is unique, and executed with consideration of its specific requirements. Check out an overview of Planning a Commercial Move for more info.