project management

Management and Coordination

The successful completion of your project is our top priority. Imlach's commercial training program combines in-house training, on-the-job experience and prior expertise in a specific service area. Our Space Planner, on-site Project Managers and Crew Leaders direct our team in the execution of your project's specific requirements.

Imlach's on-staff Space Planner/Designer brings added value through:

  • Detailed focus on the key points that will ensure functionality in a workspace layout.
  • Extensive knowledge of and experience with all commercial furniture lines.
  • Expertise in areas of space planning, design, furniture purchasing and project management.

Imlach Project Managers handle:Blueprints

  • Pre-move consultation, planning and meetings.
  • Blueprints/schematics to plan and communicate timing and sequence.
  • Relocation or facility plan and timeline of all resources.
  • On-site plan discussion and training for your employees.
  • Pre-coordination of loading, transport, placement and storage.
  • Timed disconnection/disassembly and reconnection/reassembly.
  • Help identify special care and facility protection.
  • Obtain required permits/authorizations.

Our on-site Crew Leaders:

  • Assigned to an origin or destination location.
  • Lead the crew in performing the work detailed in the move plan.
  • Handle contingencies such as power failures and any unforseen problems.
  • Allow the Project Managers to flow between sites and supervise the entire project.

Experience, coordination and on-site management add up to a well-executed work plan. Our Project Managers and crew members are experienced, well-trained professionals who will manage your move with attention to detail, observation of time constraints and consideration of your employees, their work materials and your professional environment.