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Your unique project deserves a customized move plan.

The investigation and pre-planning phases of our work are why your moving project will be a success, and a big part of why Imlach is a preferred service provider among commercial movers.

We plan on paper before we move anything.

This saves on costs and creates a pro-active work plan. Every commercial moving project we service is unique, and executed with consideration of its specific requirements. Imlach will approach your project with flexibility, creating a detailed service plan that is based on your project's parameters. We anticipate your specific needs while maintaining consistency in our quality controlled procedures. Our timing, coordination of services, cooperation with outside vendors and detailed work plan will be based on your instructions.

  • Communication is key - we coordinate with all service vendors, the architect, general contractor and your company team leader.
  • We flowchart the work plan - where do employees sit; who needs to interact; what equipment must be networked; do the power sources coordinate.
  • We identify power sources - location of the power poles and base feeds to help determine power locations for cubicles.

A Service Solution For Every Project

All commercial movers provide moving services. Imlach brings additional value. With expertise in a broad range of commercial moving services, Imlach will consult and offer solutions that respond to your project outline. Our services include:

  • Moving services and project management.
  • Existing furniture layout and inventory of furniture, case goods and equipment.
  • Furniture evaluation.
  • Space planning and systems furniture reconfiguration/installation - all grade "A" furniture and case goods systems. Small Floorplan
  • Floor plans - including data jacks, power poles and outlets; color-coded tagging to coordinate specific locations.
  • Furniture and equipment installation and associated CAD drawings.
  • Complete workspace installation.
  • Data center relocation and basic computer disconnect/reconnect.
  • Artwork relocation.
  • Heavy equipment relocation.
  • Furniture repair - most basic repairs handled in-house.
  • Furniture and technology disposition.
  • Warehousing for receiving and distribution.

Imlach will work with you to deliver all the services you need for your moving or reconfiguration project. If a service is outside our scope or we feel a more specialized provider should be used, we will contract the work to a trusted provider.